Pnb Housing Share: Unleashing the Power of Investments

Pnb Housing Share

The future of pnb housing share looks promising, with 6 analysts offering long-term price targets for the company. The average target price is 702.20, representing an upside of 7.86% from the current price of 651.00.

Reports and research on pnb housing finance ltd. indicate positive sentiment towards its future performance.

Pnb Housing Share: Unleashing the Power of Investments


The Rise Of Pnb Housing Finance Ltd.

Pnb housing finance ltd. , a leading indian housing finance company, was established on november 11, 1988, under the companies act, 1956. It is registered with the national housing bank and is promoted by punjab national bank. With a net profit margin of 52.

61% and a revenue growth of 37. 05%, pnb housing finance ltd. has been successful in the financial market. Its strong relationship with punjab national bank has contributed to its growth and stability. As the company continues to thrive, investors are looking towards the future of pnb housing share, with analysts offering long-term price targets and a consensus estimate indicating a potential upside of 7.

86% from the last price.

Investment Potential Of Pnb Housing Share

Pnb housing share has significant investment potential due to the strong financial performance and growth of pnb housing finance ltd. The company has consistently displayed positive trends in the market, providing attractive opportunities for investors. Expert forecasts indicate a promising future for pnb housing share, with long-term price targets suggesting potential gains.

It is important to note that the company is backed by punjab national bank, further enhancing its credibility and stability in the housing finance sector. Investors should consider the financials of pnb housing finance ltd, which demonstrate a healthy revenue and net income growth.

With the consensus estimate projecting an upside of 7. 86% from the last price, investing in pnb housing share offers a favorable opportunity for long-term returns.

Key Factors To Consider Before Investing In Pnb Housing Share

Before investing in pnb housing share, it is crucial to consider key factors such as risk assessment and mitigation strategies. Analyzing the regulatory environment and its impact on investments is also essential. Additionally, conducting a comparative analysis with competitors can provide valuable insights.

By evaluating the risks involved and having effective mitigation strategies in place, investors can make informed decisions. Understanding the regulatory landscape and its potential effects on investments is important for long-term success. Furthermore, comparing pnb housing share with other players in the market can help investors gauge its competitive position.

Careful consideration of these factors will enable investors to make well-informed decisions when it comes to investing in pnb housing share.


Pnb housing finance limited is a leading indian housing finance company with a strong track record in the market. As a subsidiary of punjab national bank, it has a solid foundation and a wide range of financial products and services to offer.

The future of pnb housing shares looks promising, with research reports indicating positive long-term price targets. According to analysts, the average target for pnb housing finance ltd. is 702. 20, representing an upside of 7. 86% from the last price.

This indicates that there is potential for growth and profitability for investors. As always, it is advisable for investors to conduct thorough research and consult with a financial advisor before making any investment decisions. Overall, pnb housing finance ltd. presents an exciting opportunity in the housing finance sector.

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